• Visible
  • Also at night

Advertising tents with a ventilator

As they say: there are events and there are events with fabulous advertising tents. Whether dark or light - their presence means that emotions never go out. Whether in rain or in full sun, their presence always gives shelter. Wherever your event takes you, whoever comes to evaluate you, their presence is a guarantee of success.

  • It's our guiding light

    It's our guiding light

  • Provides ground under your feet

    Provides ground under your feet

  • It likes teamwork

    It likes teamwork

  • It gives you a roof over your head

    It gives you a roof over your head

Inflatable town

Events full of emotions and adrenaline

A tent driven by emotions

Just talking about it is exciting. You can illuminate the advertising tent with a ventilator inside and outside, thanks to which you provide your event with a constant glow, even long after dark.
The possibility of printing its solid legs is an opportunity to show the brand's values even better and more attractively.
Nobody will pass by it indifferently!

Are tent walls included?

Yes of course! A tent without walls would be just a roof swinging from boredom in the wind. When it comes to the number of walls, dear customer, it’s up to you.

Can the walls of the tent be removed?

Take them off, turn them over, make a ball gown of them. The zipper will allow you to freely use the walls of the tent in no time.

How long does it take to fill the media with air?

Record holders go down to 10 minutes, but remember that this is not a race. By default, you'll fit in 30 minutes, a bit longer in the case of larger, oversized gems from our Team.

Are additional weights needed if we already have links?

Only if the ground offers exceptional resistance and it is difficult to work with it. On the soft surface, the anchors will do the trick.

Is there sand in the sinkers and why do we not have water weights?

Dear customers, I leave the filling of the sinkers with sand to you. Shipping them full would significantly increase costs and complicate logistics, yet it will take you six sips of coffee on the spot.

However, we do not offer water sinkers, because in practice they do not work so well, and we only give you the best!

An advertising tent tailored for masters

If you want to charm the participants of your event, bring the customer down to his knees, embarrass the competition and go down in the history of events in the splendor of glory, you will certainly experience this moment under the roof of our advertising tent with a ventilator. All event paths lead here.
See available models.

Perfect for outdoors

Perfect for outdoors

Do you want to charm your guests in the chillout zone? Success is guaranteed with our poufs! Are you looking for addition to your outdoor cinema? You've come to the right place. Many possible applications make them unbeatable, and the convenience will make guests start taking them home.

A handy piece of furniture
VENTO® counter and table

A handy piece of furniture

They will perfectly complement your exhibition or promotional stand. They will be a solid support for each of your event activities. And their versatility will make you include their presence in many of your plans!