Your brand + our advertising screens = mutual success

An open-air event in a western atmosphere or maybe a crazy race through the sandy wastes? Tell the story of your brand in a truly Hollywood style and win gold statuettes in all event categories.

Over 3,000

screens we have created to tell your stories.

100% print = 100% satisfaction

Don't let any part of the screen go to waste. It doesn't mean you have to print 100% of it, but remember that if it should bring everyone to their knees, you can do it.

Good message

The advertising screen can be used in exactly as many ways as you let your imagination run wild.
Thanks to this, your message has unlimited power, allowing you to permanently charm the participants of the event.

Emotions in 4K

The highest quality of production, design and creativity is a guarantee of emotions worthy of the red carpet.
Raise the bar of competition, show your best side and wait for the flashes of delighted paparazzi.

Discover the world on the other side of the screen

VENTO screen

For those who like silence

Do you like strong inputs and voltage that won't let go from the first to the last minute, without any unnecessary noise? What a happy ending, you've just found your event partner.

For those who like silence
Romance under the stars

Projection screen

Romance under the stars

Summer cinema, them, the screen shimmering among the rays of the slowly setting sun and the scent of blooming love floating everywhere, which, when recalled years later, will still intoxicate the heart to unconsciousness.


I want tenderness!

Advertising screen

A classic of the genre

Reliable when you want to capture your audience. Although everyone knows what its fate will turn out, in the end they will always, as if surprised, shed a tear of emotion.



Let's play!
A classic of the genre