Tents made for champions

You can search, try and be more or less successful. You can also sit back in the shade of our advertising tent and watch the success coming straight to us. Sorry, other tents can only hide under ours.

Over 7 billion

events took refuge under the roof of our tent from boredom and clichés.

Everything on 100%

If only it was possible to use the entire surface of the advertising tent, so that it would convey to everyone what the brand has to say even more effectively. But wait, you can!

Everything on time!

While it's not always a rally or race, the speed of branding setup before the event always matters. Wherever you decide to organize your event, you can be sure that you will have a moment to breathe before igniting emotions.

In the spotlight

Evening is approaching, the sun is going down, but you don't slow down. Halogen lighting, which can be installed in our advertising tents, will bring your event into the night with a strong accent.

A camping trip you will not forget.

VENTO tent

Sixth Sense

Your intuition tells you that it's the perfect choice? Do not fight it and feel the hard way how, thanks to VENTO® tents, your event reaches an unknown level.

Yes, that's what I'm looking for!
Sixth Sense
A million possibilities on several legs

Spider tent

A million possibilities on several legs

Regardless of whether on the top of a mountain or in a dark valley, in summer or winter, in a version with four, five or six legs - your event will charm, surprise and will not let you forget about it.

I want it now!