• Balloon with grace
  • and positive energy

Get your image started

The first impression can only be made once. In this way, we gain favor that can later be turned into business. Before you start selling, say hello first. A strong high-five will show that you are not from the first roundup. Just like your business. Get your customers interested. Hello Man will do it for you!

  • Visible from afar

    Visible from afar

  • Arouses curiosity

    Arouses curiosity

  • Moving elements attract attention

    Moving elements attract attention

  • Advertising Superhero

    Advertising Superhero

See Hello Man in action!

Hello Man waves his visitors vigorously and encourages them to stay longer.

Curiosity… sold the cat!

When others stand still, you move your surroundings. The inflatable Brand Hero will charm passers-by with the super power of its message. He will invite everyone to the premises, pose for a photo and steal many glances that will draw attention to your business.

Can Hello Man shine at night?

Your superhero's glow can also be seen at night! It is possible to order internal LED lighting.

Can Hello Man wave with both hands?

This is not Family Feud, or Steve Harvey's jokes. Hello Man waves with one hand - but how!

Can Hello Man be lower than 3,5 m?

They say a real guy starts at 1.8m tall. And the real Hello Man - 2 m is his minimum height.

Superhero for special tasks

The one who stands still does not develop. Therefore, go for movement! Catch hundreds of interested glances in the event network and make them your friends - who wouldn't want to be friends with a superhero?

Heavenly convenience
VENTO® armchair

Heavenly convenience

Who doesn't dream about sitting down on a soft, inflatable chair after a long and exhausting run? Therefore, the offer of our armchairs will delight everyone.