• Dance
  • in the wind!

Dancing with commercials aka windyman in action

Advertising waver, or windyman, is a form of advertising known to us perfectly from films and TV series from across the ocean. These playful, fantastic characters dancing in the wind, catch the eye and hypnotize the audience.

Equipped with a small fan with great power, they please the eye with juicy colors. They are advertising guards of your brand, ready for any gust of wind.

  • Hollywood advertising

    Hollywood advertising

  • Energetic


  • Top event characters

    Top event characters

  • Visible from afar

    Visible from afar

Dance you unwavering advertisement!

Windyman is a hero appearing in one- and two-legged versions. Dressed in robes woven from colors of unusual intensity, he guards that your message reaches exactly where it should. His wobbly dance brings indescribable joy to event participants.

Can the Windyman stay on all day and all night?

Yes, just remember that he is a party guy so he can make noise.

Does the Windyman need a constant power source? Must be plugged in all the time?

Windyman must be permanently connected to electricity. He likes to get attention and does it with great efficiency, and for that he needs energy.

Is the Windyman loud?

We admit that he is quite a party guy, so he is loud, but there is no other person who would attract your attention in a better way! :)

Whoever is advertising with Windyman - wins

A seemingly simple solution, hiding incredible power and efficiency. Everyone who wants to provide their events with the unusual and wow effect, will make friends with our Windyman at first sight.

Special event units
Spider tent

Special event units

For the sake of the success of your event, we are able to bring even the heaviest cannons. If you need a specific ally in the fight for mutual success, be sure to meet our ventilator tents.

Does not require electricity
VENTO gate

Does not require electricity

Limitations and rules do not interest me because I do not need electricity! Be sure to get to know our VENTO gates and operate on a grand scale without any restrictions!