Here you will find custom design templates for our inflatables and the latest catalogs and brochures. For your convenience, we have also included the necessary documents: warranty cards, instructions and forms.

Advertising screen - template [Download]

Alpha Balloon - templates (sizes from 4 m to 8 m) [Download]

Beta Balloon - templates (sizes from 4 to 8 m) [Download]

Cubes - templates [Download]

Delta Balloon - templates (sizes from 4 to 6 m) [Download]

Flags - templates (all shapes and sizes) [Download]

Gamma Balloon - templates (sizes from 4 to 8 m) [Download]

Gates with ventilator - templates (all shapes and sizes) [Download]

Helium balloon - template [Download]

Projection Screen - template (all sizes) [Download]

Soft poufs and armchairs - templates [Download]

Spider tents - templates (all sizes) [Download]

VENTO® event furniture - templates (counter, table, seats) [Download]

VENTO® gates - templates (all sizes) [Download]

VENTO® gates with skids - templates (all sizes) [Download]

VENTO® pillar - templates (all sizes) [Download]

VENTO® Screen - template [Download]

VENTO® tent - templates [Download]

Windyman - templates (1-leg, 2-legged) [Download]

Catalogue Constant Pressure Products VENTO® [Download]

Inflatables VENTO® chair - brochure [Download]

NEW PRODUCT: Hello Man [Download]

Advertising media repair order protocol [Download]

Warranty for constant pressure VENTO® event furniture [Download]

Warranty for flags [Download]

Warranty for helium balloons [Download]

Warranty for Hello Man [Download]

Warranty for Inflatable VENTO® seats [Download]

Warranty for soft poufs and armchairs [Download]

Warranty for ventilator powered products (gates, balloons, tents and pneumatic screens) [Download]

Warranty for VENTO® gates, screens and pillars. [Download]

Warranty for VENTO® tent [Download]

Warranty for windyman [Download]

Advertising screen (with ventilator) - assembly and disassembly instructions [Download]

Gate (with ventilator) - instructions [Download]

Helium Balloon- instructions [Download]

Hello Man - instructions [Download]

Projection Screen - instructions [Download]

Spider tent - assembly and disassembly instructions [Download]

Stationary balloons - instructions [Download]

VENTO® Counter - instruction [Download]

VENTO® gate - instructions [Download]

VENTO® pillar - instructions [Download]

VENTO® tent - instructions [Download]

Windymany - instructions [Download]