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Unusual inflatables

Just a little imagination and your inflatable can turn into whatever you want! Do you remember "Toy Story"? It is a film that changed the face of animated film. Seemingly ordinary toys, in fact living heroes whose fates are known all over the world! Modern technologies that we have at our disposal also allow us to revive our inflatables!

Gigantyczny Brand Hero


Brand Hero

The sky is the limit! Imagine your 8 meter long brand hero at the hottest festival in Europe! It will certainly win the hearts of all participants and go around the world on the lips of social media.



Who doesn't dream of their favourite coffee in XL format? With us, you can make this dream come true. Choose your favorite product, brand or anything else you enjoy, and we will make size matter.

Product replicas
Giant logo



Fine feathers make fine birds, we've been hearing it for years, right? There is something to it. One of the most important features of any event is the visibility of your logo.

Larger = more visible. Therefore, don't limit yourself! Format matters.

Image Image Image

How do we do it?

Advertising balloons with unusual shapes are exciting work for us, full of surprises and challenges, see how it looks like step by step.


1. Interview

we examine the needs and collect detailed information

Proces twórczy

2. Creative process

We analyze technological possibilities and solutions


3. Visualisation

Three-dimensional conceptual model

From idea to the final product!

We will advise, arrange the details and tailor each inflatable toy.