• VENTO counters
  • They reign at exhibitions

Excellent ad served

Things worth noting should be presented in an appropriate way. How many valuable events went unnoticed because no one made sure that the information and advertising messages were served with taste, in the right arrangement? So how to be sure that we hit the hearts of the event participants? The solution to this problem is here.

The advertising counter and the VENTO® presentation table is a way for our event and marketing campaign to go down in history in glory. Beauty, functionality and efficiency in one.

  • Puts the competition in line

    Puts the competition in line

  • Serves emotions

    Serves emotions

  • It looks beautiful

    It looks beautiful

  • Maintains a master level

    Maintains a master level

VENTO® counter - serves emotions

What makes the event unforgettable are the great emotions that arise during it in everyone who's present. Delighting participants looking at your brand - this is our goal. VENTO® advertising counters - this is our reliable way to achieve this goal.

Can the graphic be replaced?

There is no limit to crazy ideas! A new creation for each event!

Can I buy only the cover of the counter / table? Without a rack?

You can, and you can easily become the hero of your event and exchange them yourself.

Can the cover be washed?

It can, but only at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius - it doesn’t like warmer water.

What maximum load will the table and the VENTO counter bear?

VENTO® tables and counters can easily withstand loads of up to 50 kg. So you can easily put, for example, a cash register on them. PS. We perform the tests personally by sitting on the counter, and trust us - we do not know what a diet is: D

Are VENTO tables and counters stable?

Yes, they are stable. The condition is that they should be placed on a firm and relatively even surface. In case of problematic ground, steel weights can be purchased for them. So to sum up: how you place me, that’s how I will stand :) Additionally, they have rubber feet, thanks to which they are also resistant to slippery surfaces.

Can I count on technical support after the warranty expires?

Who would we be if we left our clients alone? Even we do not know this question and we do not want to know the answer. Remember, however, that warranty assistance is an option available additionally for a small additional charge, and its pricing is always individual.

Advertising counter raising the bar

If you want to set the direction and earn event gold, leaving the competition with only a taste of success, you are in the right place. Don't settle for half-measures and choose only the best. The VENTO® advertising counter will help you take your event to the top.


New possibilities

New possibilities

100% possibilities even without electricity? Sounds proud right? This is what our VENTO SIX tent is like. Check how it can support your success.

An alternative to the classic billboard
VENTO® screen

An alternative to the classic billboard

Regardless of the conditions and circumstances, it presents itself flawlessly and gracefully. Each of your events cannot do without it, and your guests are happy to take photos with it. Who are we talking about? Of course, about our VENTO screen!