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Catch the wind of event opportunities with our advertising flags.

Since the dawn of time, the flag has been a symbol of pride. It is this element that hangs at the highest point so that everyone can see it from afar. Thanks to our advertising flags, you will change your event from a collection of attractions into a unique space that has its own rules which arouse emotions in its participants, going beyond any scale.

  • The territory of great emotions

    The territory of great emotions

  • Pride of events

    Pride of events

  • Always visible

    Always visible

  • Style icon

    Style icon

Flags - on the trail of great benefits.

Although advertising flags seem trivial at first glance, they perfectly illustrate the principle of "simple solutions are the most effective". In a subtle but visible way they will emphasize the values of your brand, complementing the other branding elements at your event. It's like putting a cherry on top. The coronation of your event's success comes down to this point.

Which flag base is the most universal?

We recommend a plastic briefcase weighing 13 kg. It will perform brilliantly regardless of the surface, and it can handle any type of flag.

I do not use graphic programs, do I need to have a ready project?

No :) Just write to us, our graphic department will prepare the final design based on the guidelines.

Flags - on the trail of proud brands.

To the end of the world, proud and confident brands will conquer event tops, leaving behind a trace - advertising flags, showing other daredevils the purpose and sense of designing perfect events.

Superhero in the sky
Hel balloons

Superhero in the sky

They like sky-high conquests, but they will also find themselves in a more closed space. You decide how they will present themselves best at your event!

Wherever you want!
VENTO® constant pressure pillars

Wherever you want!

They will always rise to the occasion, proudly presenting themselves during each of your events and wherever you want. They do not need electricity, so placing them inside or outside is not a challenge.