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Advertising poufs that create events

Show everyone the beautiful interior of your brand. Sako poufs and beanbags are an absolute must-have for this (and each subsequent) season. If you want the competition to look at you with delight and a little envy, put them in the waiting room for the title of ad master.

The poufs and armchairs will provide the appropriate comfort to the participants of your event, both in the open air and indoors, as well as after it - being a perfect element of everyday equipment.

  • Filled with emotions!

    Filled with emotions!

  • A million shapes and colors

    A million shapes and colors

  • Dirt-resistant


  • Heavenly comfort

    Heavenly comfort

Poufs made of emotions

There are endless possibilities ahead of you - they all lead to your goal. Sako poufs and armchairs with a soft polystyrene filling are available in many colors and shapes. What they all have in common is incredible comfort and undeniable beauty. See available models.

I do not use graphic programs, do I need to have a ready project?

No :) Just write to us, our graphic department will prepare the final design based on the guidelines.

What is the difference between an armchair and a beanbag pouf?

The armchair has a separate part for the back, the beanbag can be freely formed according to your preferences, you can lie on it, sleep, meditate and do many other things, but we will not explore that anymore. Use by needs!

Can only one armchair or pouffe be ordered?

It can. But we guarantee that you will not have enough and you will quickly come back for more. PS. Be careful, guests often take them home with them, because these are so comfortable beasts: D

Are pouffes, armchairs and cubes waterproof?

They are there, just remember to dry them completely after each "launch". Then they will be refreshed and ready for another crazy action!

Chillout zone creating the history of events

There is an important question for you - how much do you want to beautify your event? Thanks to our poufs and armchairs, the relaxation area of your event can be beautiful, it can be comfortable or it can become the center of attention of all lenses.

New possibilities

New possibilities

100% possibilities even without electricity? Sounds proud right? This is what our VENTO SIX tent is like. Check how it can support your success.

Greets from afar!

Greets from afar!

Carelessly blowing in the wind, but uncompromisingly effective in implementing your event plan. Get to know our windymen!