Furniture that is the soul of the event

When equipping an event, we often choose one of two paths: full of beauty at the expense of functionality or effective to the limit at the expense of visual values. However, it has always been in Poltent's DNA to follow our own path - the one that leads us through colors and shapes in a very effective way, taking your breath away.

∞ h

This is the average time during which the participants would like to use our furniture during the event.

Sky-high pleasure

Anyone who has had the opportunity to use the comfort of our advertising sofas and poufs knows that it is like sitting among the clouds, away from the worries of everyday life. It is hard to imagine better conditions for building a strong and positive bond between an event participant and the brand.

Subtly effective

Although they are not too conspicuous, it's hard to take your eyes off them. Delicate and subtle by nature event furniture with an extreme effectiveness. Your brand message in an absolutely designer edition, based on the latest inflatable advertising technology.

On guard of reliability

Our sofas and pouffes are not only about design and comfort. It is also reliability and the highest quality on the market, which together gives you a guarantee that your event will gain a level unreachable for the competition. Do not hesitate and plan your event with us today, and we will take care of even the smallest detail.

All forms of absolute comfort.

Inflatable seats

Convenience 2.0

Chill room in an abandoned warehouse, relaxation zone in an open space - you can use them everywhere and they will never let you down. The combination of an original form, perfect workmanship and advertising possibilities, bringing your brand message to the highest level.

I order relax!
Convenience 2.0
The perfect complement to the event

VENTO counter and table

The perfect complement to the event

Stable on any type of ground, always in perfect shape, enchanting with beauty and grace.
If you want to not only play among the best, but most of all collect event trophies - set your competitors in the queue.

I'm in!

Soft poufs and armchairs

Filled with emotions

In the blink of an eye, they put aside classic poufs and event loungers. You can personalize them in so many ways that if you wanted to count them, we might not have enough life. However, they will certainly provide the participants of your event with a convenience that they will never forget.

I would love to sit down!
Filled with emotions
A sure win

Advertising cubes

A sure win

A real game changer among event furniture. Print it as you like, on all sides. It can perform an infinite number of functions, each being one hundred percent. Almost surely it can be said that the advertising cubes will become one of the heroes of the photos that the participants of your event will take with them as a souvenir.

I take it!