4-legged tent

4-legged tent

The shape is indisputably associated with the best events that headlines scream about long after it ends.

  • + Classic among advertising tents
  • + Various walls can be selected
  • + Connect the tents into towns with a connector
5 and 6-leg tent

5 and 6-leg tent

Perfectly controlled advertising spaces that will stand exactly where you want and will withstand any conditions that you will have to face.

  • + A frequent visitor in the automotive industry
  • + Huge usable area
  • + Spacious entrances
Tent with a 3D element

Tent with a 3D element

The 3D element is the cherry on top of the event cake. Anyone who tastes it will never forget its miraculous properties.

  • + Eye-catching three-dimensional form
  • + Original logo display on the top
  • + Possibility to develop a 3D element at the legs of the tent