• Start and finish
  • with the Portal of Joy!

Success with the VENTO constant pressure gate

Entering the world of your event can be exciting, memorable, it can lead to an unknown but fascinating adventure, it can open endless possibilities for participants. In one word, entering the world of your event can be VENTO®!

VENTO® is more than just an advertising gate. It is a promise of unforgettable moments, reaching a higher level. The constant pressure advertising gate VENTO® is the beginning of a story that will warm up the emotions to red.

  • You won't give the competition a chance

    You won't give the competition a chance

  • Tougher than Superman

    Tougher than Superman

  • You will charm the participants of the event

    You will charm the participants of the event

  • You will turn your event into an unforgettable adventure

    You will turn your event into an unforgettable adventure

Floating Gate!

New possibilities. Perfect for water sports.

The Gate to the world of benefits

Even though you already feel that the VENTO® advertising gate is a solution that must be present at your event, let yourself be convinced twice about it. Your confidence that you are choosing the best product on the market is our priority. See available models.

Can I set up the VENTO gate myself?

One person can easily set up the S and M size gate. I recommend that you install larger options as a team - your work will go faster and nicer, and you will not expose the material to damage.

Do I need constant access to electricity to use the VENTO gate?

VENTO® line products do not require constant power supply to flawlessly present all their advantages.

Is it possible to illuminate the VENTO gate?

I know and respect the word "impossible", but there is no place for it in my vocabulary. I will say more - the illuminated VENTO® gate is a hit with hits and perfection in every detail.

Are accessories included in the price?

I pack the order for you together with the hardware needed for assembly on a soft surface and send it as soon as possible, so that you can admire the effect of our joint work.

What is the basic equipment of the VENTO gate?

The basic equipment of the VENTO® gate includes: an electric pump, so it is worth having access to power, at least for a while. However, taking into account your physical condition, you can inflate the gate using a hand pump, completely without power assistance, and by working on your figure :)

No matter which route you choose, remember: You pump once and admire it for a long time!

Can I count on technical support after the warranty expires?

Who would we be if we left our clients alone? Even we do not know this question and we do not want to know the answer. Remember, however, that warranty assistance is an option available additionally for a small additional charge, and its pricing is always individual.

I do not use graphic programs, do I need to have a ready project?

No :) Just write to us, our graphic department will prepare the final design based on the guidelines.

Suggested company

Left alone, the VENTO® advertising gate will proudly and gracefully open the event to the emotions of the participants. Remember, however, that providing it with the right company will make your event (although it may seem impossible) even more effective!

Heavenly convenience
VENTO® armchair

Heavenly convenience

Who doesn't dream about sitting down on a soft, inflatable chair after a long and exhausting run? Therefore, the offer of our armchairs will delight everyone.

Multi-functional by nature
Advertising cubes

Multi-functional by nature

And you can't fool nature. They feel good both as tables and seats. And you? What uwage will you find for them? Check and find the perfect cube for you.