• Iconic movies?
  • Only a car cinema!

Inflatable projection screen

Do we dream of a red carpet, which we will proudly walk over to receive the award for the best event in the spotlight? Let's not forget to invite to our event an inflatable projection screen, thanks to which everyone will understand our greatness.

An inflatable projection screen is not only the possibility of creating an outdoor cinema. It is a modern and unusual way of reaching our message in all conditions. After the show, thanks to a specially installed mesh, it will also become a multifunctional advertising medium.

The perfect complement to the outdoor cinema is inflatable event furniture, which we will also prepare according to your wishes!

  • A star cast

    A star cast

  • Heavenly under the cloud

    Heavenly under the cloud

  • A masterful exhibition

    A masterful exhibition

  • Oscar-winning emotions

    Oscar-winning emotions

The projection screen is a film story

If you want to make the participants of your event feel excitement and hot emotions long after it, serve them a story worth an Oscar. Remember that the critics will pay attention to every detail, so every scene and every scenario of your event have to be perfect.


What is the best way to sit during an open-air cinema?

Our inflatable armchairs, sofas or beanbags specially designed for this task are ready to experience a great adventure at your events and to support all guests.

Do we offer projectors for our projection screens?

We focus on what we know best, that is why we leave projectors to specialists.

Can I count on technical support after the warranty expires?

Who would we be if we left our clients alone? Even we do not know this question and we do not want to know the answer. Remember, however, that warranty assistance is an option available additionally for a small additional charge, and its pricing is always individual.

A projection screen suited for the masters

How you use the projection screen on your event depends only on your imagination. The combination of the displayed history of several media can change the rules of the event game forever, making you a pioneer and an absolute star in the industry.

Beautiful and classic
Advertising balloons

Beautiful and classic

Presenting their charms with pride at each of your events. Choose the shape that's best for you and act with full swing. You are only limited by your imagination!

Perfect for outdoors

Perfect for outdoors

Do you want to charm your guests in the chillout zone? Success is guaranteed with our poufs! Are you looking for addition to your outdoor cinema? You've come to the right place. Many possible applications make them unbeatable, and the convenience will make guests start taking them home.