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Stationary balloons that will bring your brand to the top

Better take a breath, because there's a journey into advertising skies ahead. Advertising balloons that we create are a proposal for those who appreciate classics combined with a modern and non-obvious style. They will reach the least accessible area to show their extraordinary skills. Do you want to admire your success in advance? Come on board.

  • You will rise above mediocrity

    You will rise above mediocrity

  • You will rise above the competition

    You will rise above the competition

  • Nobody will overlook your charms

    Nobody will overlook your charms

  • You will light up the gray of everyday life

    You will light up the gray of everyday life

Winter events

For all seasons!

A balloon full of benefits

Visible from the farthest corner of the event, arousing recognition and admiration of the participants. Yes, the advertising balloon is an absolute leader among inflatables. Its size makes it possible to show the brand perfectly and make sure that no one will remain indifferent. The additional option of lighting changes even a simple event into an illumination of success. See available models.

What is the most popular balloon shape?

Customers usually choose the Alpha and Beta shapes. It's not surprising, these options always make a sensation on evants. See Models.

Are accessories included in the price?

I pack the order for you together with the hardware needed for assembly on a soft surface and send it as soon as possible, so that you can admire the effect of our joint work.

Is LED lighting included in the price of the balloon?

It would be beautiful, but it is an additional option, installed in individual projects. But don't be afraid, it doesn't cost millions, and it definitely provides a million emotions!

Does the lighting of balloons require an additional power cord.

No, and it is not magic, but the great technical thought of the aces from Team Poltent. The backlight can be connected with a fan or - in the case of VENTO® media - an elegant battery can be used.

How to hitch the balloon on concrete?

Relax, you don't need to drill into the center of the Earth! For this occasion, we have prepared special sand weights for you, which are available in additional options for a small surcharge.

Are additional weights needed if we already have links?

Only if the ground offers exceptional resistance and it is difficult to work with it. On the soft surface, the anchors will do the trick.

Is there sand in the sinkers and why do we not have water weights?

Dear customers, I leave the filling of the sinkers with sand to you. Shipping them full would significantly increase costs and complicate logistics, yet it will take you six sips of coffee on the spot.

However, we do not offer water sinkers, because in practice they do not work so well, and we only give you the best!

How long does it take to putting up the media?

Record holders go down to a few minutes, but remember that this is not a race. A bit longer in the case of larger, oversized gems from our Team

With balloon to the end of the world

Despite its considerable size, the advertising balloon is simply designed to move in all conditions. Tucked in a handy bag, it will reach exactly where you want to put it.
A fashion show on the top of a glacier or a bicycle race inside a volcano? Nothing is impossible for him. See available models.

A mandatory component of each promotion!
Advertising flags

A mandatory component of each promotion!

Carelessly blowing in the wind, they create the perfect finish to your event. Unobtrusive, but efficient and classy. These are our advertising flags!

New possibilities

New possibilities

100% possibilities even without electricity? Sounds proud right? This is what our VENTO SIX tent is like. Check how it can support your success.