• Inflatable screens
  • Special unit!

A really strong caliber

Among the advertising solutions, there are the effective, the inventive and the huge ones. However, how to choose the best for our event? The answer is simple. Choose an advertising screen that, thanks to its size, your creativity and our effectiveness, will make your event shame the whole industry!

  • Outdoor hit

    Outdoor hit

  • Two sides of beauty

    Two sides of beauty

  • It casts a shadow over the competition

    It casts a shadow over the competition

  • Brings respect

    Brings respect

Big screen, great emotions

Although its size arouses admiration and respect, it is not its only super-property! How will our advertising screen help you reach event heights?

Can the mesh on the advertising screen be on both sides?

Of course. Inform our sales representative that you want the banners to be on both sides, and we will sew in additional hook and loop.

Does the frame have to be in one color or is it possible to print in an individual pattern?

It doesn’t have to, we can make a completely individual pattern on it. What limits us? Only our imagination :)

Are accessories included in the price?

I pack the order for you together with the hardware needed for assembly on a soft surface and send it as soon as possible, so that you can admire the effect of our joint work.

How long does it take to putting up the media?

Record holders go down to a few minutes, but remember that this is not a race. A bit longer in the case of larger, oversized gems from our Team.

How to hitch the screen on concrete?

Relax, you don't need to drill into the center of the Earth! For this occasion, we have prepared special sand weights for you, which are available in additional options for a small surcharge.

Is there sand in the sinkers and why do we not have water weights?

Dear customers, I leave the filling of the sinkers with sand to you. Shipping them full would significantly increase costs and complicate logistics, yet it will take you six sips of coffee on the spot.

However, we do not offer water sinkers, because in practice they do not work so well, and we only give you the best!

One advertising screen, one million events

This solution will provide maximum excitement for many events. The solid construction and the possibilities described above guarantee not only extraordinary efficiency, but also great durability. Take the advertising screen with you on the event journey of your brand and get event gold.

Superhero in the sky
Hel balloons

Superhero in the sky

They like sky-high conquests, but they will also find themselves in a more closed space. You decide how they will present themselves best at your event!

A handy piece of furniture
VENTO® counter and table

A handy piece of furniture

They will perfectly complement your exhibition or promotional stand. They will be a solid support for each of your event activities. And their versatility will make you include their presence in many of your plans!