Made for action


Inflatable frame

Choose any color from the fabric palette or print 100%


Removable graphics

The net is attached with a hook and loop system. You can attach it on the front and back :)


Powerful and multitasking

A convenient alternative to classic billboards

A handful of technical information

  small screen big screen
screen size [m] 7,00 x 4,00 8,30 x 5,30
screen tube diameter [m] 1,00 1,30
advertising mesh [m] 6,00 x 3,00 7,00x4,00

Fabric colors

Play with color and choose the color of the advertising screen frame.

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Light Blue

  • Navy Blue

  • Grey

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Light Green

  • Green Apple

In set

  • of pegs with eyelets

    of pegs with eyelets

  • of guy lines

    of guy lines

  • of fixing anchors

    of fixing anchors

  • assembly hammer
    x 1

    assembly hammer

  • built-in ventilator
    x 1

    built-in ventilator

  • transport cover
    x 1

    transport cover