• Helium balloons
  • Simply the best!

Helium balloons carried by emotions

- Is that a bird?
- Is that a plane?
- No! It's a helium-filled Superballoon!

If you want to awaken emotions and delight in comic books or fantastic action films in your event participants, one of our irreplaceable helium-filled advertising balloons must enter the game.

  • Event superhero

    Event superhero

  • High up advertising

    High up advertising

  • 25 m above the competition

    25 m above the competition

  • Wow effect

    Wow effect

Advertising balloon driven by emotions

We can fill it with helium, helon or air, but what really takes it to heaven is emotions. Placing your advertising message in the air above the heads of the participants of the event is really impressive.

Is helium already in helium balloons?

We could not take away the pleasure of inflating a helium balloon from anyone, so we leave the purchase of a helium cylinder to the customer.

Are accessories included in the price?

I pack the order for you together with the hardware needed for assembly on a soft surface and send it as soon as possible, so that you can admire the effect of our joint work.

Is LED lighting included in the price of the balloon?

It would be beautiful, but it is an additional option, installed in individual projects. But don't be afraid, it doesn't cost millions, and it definitely provides a million emotions!

With balloon for advertising gold

Each element of the helium-filled advertising balloon proves its uniqueness. It is a simple but unusual solution that turns every event into an unforgettable adventure. If you're ready, come on board.

Special event units
Spider tent

Special event units

For the sake of the success of your event, we are able to bring even the heaviest cannons. If you need a specific ally in the fight for mutual success, be sure to meet our ventilator tents.

Multi-functional by nature
Advertising cubes

Multi-functional by nature

And you can't fool nature. They feel good both as tables and seats. And you? What uwage will you find for them? Check and find the perfect cube for you.