• Table? Seat?
  • You choose!

Advertising cubes - a reliable player at the event

If you want to stand on the "event champion" field and get the treasure waiting there, you have to roll exactly 6 on a dice. One less - the dragon eats you, one more - you fall into the abyss. So an advertising cube with magical properties comes into play! Thanks to it, you will be exactly where you want in the blink of an eye.

An excellent event is one that delights and surprises its participants, allowing them to experience an unforgettable adventure. Do you feel where this is going?

  • They're changing the rules of the game

    They're changing the rules of the game

  • They arouse recognition

    They arouse recognition

  • They surprise

    They surprise

  • They show you from the good side

    They show you from the good side

Advertising cubes that can do more

Our advertising cubes are not only a surprising gadget. They can act as a table, covers for chargers or milestones on the route of your event. There are as many possibilities as there are ideas x 6 walls.

I do not use graphic programs, do I need to have a ready project?

No :) Just write to us, our graphic department will prepare the final design based on the guidelines.

Can the printing be replaced on the advertising cube?

Of course. The main motto of our crew is "nothing is impossible" and you can use your cubes at any event by changing only the logo or the print pattern. And so on and on :)

Can the cube be folded?

It can't, she's such a lady that she presents herself to all guests only in all her glory!

Advertising cubes for special tasks

You can do more if you want. Move for the maximum number of fields and be the first to stand on the winning square in the battle for events. Your perfect cube is waiting, the audience has already held its breath. Your turn!

Creative solutions
Start gate

Creative solutions

The idea for the gate exceeds the limits of your imagination? Great! We will go beyond the limits of execution and prepare whatever you can come up with. Limitations? For us and our start gates, they do not exist!

Perfect for outdoors

Perfect for outdoors

Do you want to charm your guests in the chillout zone? Success is guaranteed with our poufs! Are you looking for addition to your outdoor cinema? You've come to the right place. Many possible applications make them unbeatable, and the convenience will make guests start taking them home.