VENTO<sup>®</sup> Gate


No electricity, no noise, pure beauty and lots of emotion. The VENTO® Gate is an element that turns participation in the event into a unique adventure.

  • + classic start gate that does not require power
  • + built-in transport cover
  • + feet can be euipped with metal stabilizing bases
Gate with skids

Gate with skids

Your message can go where the human foot has left no trace yet. Aim deep and conquer the world of advertising on the water.

  • + 2 in 1 - Use the gate on land and water!
  • + Additional advertising space on skids.
  • + New event possibilities
Halfgate <sup>®</sup> VENTO

Halfgate ® VENTO

Don't let the name fool you. Halfgate is absolute 100% effectiveness and emotions. An eye-catching, unusual design that will take your message straight to success.

  • + Multifunctional use during marathons as checkpoints.
  • + Can be combined to form a gate or used separately.
  • + Built-in cover in the base of the gate.