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Hey, you! Yes, you!

Are you looking for a tent that will make your event reach a level from 0 to 100? Look no further. The VENTO® Cube advertising tent will make you stand out from the crowd. Not only will it give you the opportunity to display your company logo and make a permanent impression on your customers, but also... it will allow you to sleep inside it! The perfect promotion of your brand while giving you the opportunity to sleep well after the event until dawn - isn't that special?

  • It does not require electricity

    It does not require electricity

  • Light as a feather

    Light as a feather

  • Ready in 1,5 min

    Ready in 1,5 min

  • Provides sleeping under the stars

    Provides sleeping under the stars

Branding is important

The VENTO® Cube tent has a huge advertising surface that will allow you to show your best side and you will not remain unnoticed, even for the least observant event participants. Needless to say, thanks to this, customers will remember your brand for a long time, and after leaving the event, when they are ready to buy another product or service, they will first think of you.

Are accessories included in the price?

We pack the order for you together with the hardware needed for assembly on a soft surface and send it as soon as possible, so that you can admire the effect of our joint work.

How to hitch the tent on concrete?

Relax, you don't need to drill into the center of the Earth! For this occasion, we have prepared special sand weights for you, which are available in additional options for a small surcharge.

Can the walls of the tent be removed?

Take them off, turn them over, make a ball gown of them. The zipper will allow you to freely use the walls of the tent in no time.

Are additional weights needed if we already have links?

Only if the ground offers exceptional resistance and it is difficult to work with it. On the soft surface, the anchors will do the trick.

I do not use graphic programs, do I need to have a ready project?

No :) Just write to us, our graphic department will prepare the final design based on the guidelines.

Faster than Flash

You can set up the tent on your own, and pumping it up takes a minute and a half, which you can spend on finishing drinking your coffee. How it's possible? Well, after connecting the plug to the power, the tent no longer needs your help to get up on its own feet, and thanks to one inflatable valve, the matter is even less complicated.

A handy piece of furniture
VENTO® counter and table

A handy piece of furniture

They will perfectly complement your exhibition or promotional stand. They will be a solid support for each of your event activities. And their versatility will make you include their presence in many of your plans!

Heavenly convenience
VENTO® armchair

Heavenly convenience

Who doesn't dream about sitting down on a soft, inflatable chair after a long and exhausting run? Therefore, the offer of our armchairs will delight everyone.