• Wherever you want!

Perfect and stable

Branding worthy of champions and at the same time certainty that even in the most surprising and unforeseen circumstances, your event will always land on all four (or six!) Legs? The answer is right here. The VENTO® advertising tent is not only an original way to display your brand. It's a deep breath that gives you peace of mind. Light, cable-free and stable construction will provide maximum advertising space.

  • Faster than Flash!

    Faster than Flash!

  • Light as a feather

    Light as a feather

  • It does not require electricity

    It does not require electricity

  • Creates event towns

    Creates event towns


Comfort at events! Fully equipped chillout zone.

Advertising benefit protection tent

What can I say - other tents can hide under it. Under its sheathing there are not only numerous benefits, but most of all great emotions accompanying your event. See available models.

Are accessories included in the price?

I pack the order for you together with the hardware needed for assembly on a soft surface and send it as soon as possible, so that you can admire the effect of our joint work.

How to hitch the tent on concrete?

Relax, you don't need to drill into the center of the Earth! For this occasion, we have prepared special sand weights for you, which are available in additional options for a small surcharge.

Are tent walls included?

Yes of course! A tent without walls would be just a roof swinging from boredom in the wind. When it comes to the number of walls, dear customer, it’s up to you.

Can the walls of the tent be removed?

Take them off, turn them over, make a ball gown of them. The zipper will allow you to freely use the walls of the tent in no time.

VENTO tent at the end of the world

When your tent doesn't need electricity to go into action, the impossible ceases to exist. Desert sands, glacier crevices or inaccessible cliffs - with the VENTO® tent you will roll the whole world. The only limit is your imagination. See available models.


Heavenly convenience
VENTO® armchair

Heavenly convenience

Who doesn't dream about sitting down on a soft, inflatable chair after a long and exhausting run? Therefore, the offer of our armchairs will delight everyone.

No need for electricity
Constant pressure Omega VENTO balloon

No need for electricity

The sky is the limit! With our constant pressure inflatable balloon, your event will go down in history. Forget about limitations and a frantic search for a power outlet – just set it up and amaze everybody at the event.