• Feels good
  • also in the interior

Million miles ahead of the competition

Advertising space worthy of the champions, visible from anywhere in the event? These are not just marketers' wishes and dreams. The VENTO® advertising pillar is an original form that allows you to display your brand even better.

Mark your advantage and leave the competition far behind. Thanks to the VENTO® advertising pillar, you will open up to new possibilities in event planning. One powerful medium, a trail of complementary information, more points in the game inside your event - the only thing that limits you is your imagination.

  • Classic beauty on all sides

    Classic beauty on all sides

  • About legendary endurance

    About legendary endurance

  • An absolutely popular star!

    An absolutely popular star!

  • The undisputed event ninja

    The undisputed event ninja

The Pillars are perfect for starts!

See the pillar in action during the Polish Skiing Championships.

Pillar that does not need to be advertised

The VENTO® advertising pillar defends itself, just like that. Its shape allows you to use every centimeter in the maximum way. Its durability provides peace of mind against the vagaries of the weather and harsh conditions. It is a combination of advertising classics with modernity and achievements of pneumatic technology.

Can I freely change the sheating of the pillar?

Yes, write to us and we will create a new design for your pillar so that it will surprise everyone anew during each event.

Can I illuminate the constant pressure VENTO pillar?

Of course. Contact our managers for your success and they will advise you on the best possible method of illuminating.

What is the average inflation time of the VENTO pillar?

It depends on its size, so an average of 2-30 minutes, but great things take a bit of time, right?

Can I count on technical support after the warranty expires?

Who would we be if we left our clients alone? Even we do not know this question and we do not want to know the answer. Remember, however, that warranty assistance is an option available additionally for a small additional charge, and its pricing is always individual.

The milestone of excellent advertising

Let's be clear - the presence of the VENTO® advertising pillar at the event is an entry to a higher level. In an interesting and effective way, it will show our advertising message to everyone present at the event.

Creative solutions
Start gate

Creative solutions

The idea for the gate exceeds the limits of your imagination? Great! We will go beyond the limits of execution and prepare whatever you can come up with. Limitations? For us and our start gates, they do not exist!

New possibilities

New possibilities

100% possibilities even without electricity? Sounds proud right? This is what our VENTO SIX tent is like. Check how it can support your success.