They are always in line!

Always love to be where something is happening. With them, each of your events will be unique.



Ergonomic in transport, so you will take them to any event.



Rider? Flyer? A simple flag, or maybe unusual order? Yes!



Adjust the flag bases to suit different needs and surfaces.

Advertising flags in numbers

Table of flags sheathing sizes and pole height.

flag model size flag dimension [m] pole height [m]
Rider S 0,80 x 1,60 2,00
M 0,80 x 2,50 3,10
L 0,80 x 3,50 4,20
Rider Round S 0,80 x 1,60 2,00
M 0,80 x 2,50 3,10
L 0,80 x 3,50 4,20
Flyer S 0,90 x 1,35 1,75
M 0,90 x 2,35 2,80
L 0,90 x 3,30 3,90

100% print

Zero color restrictions. You can have whatever you want on the flag! From the logotype to the colorful sea landscapes. However, remember the less is more principle to make the message easier to read.


Each flag sheath is meticulously packed into a pouch, and everything with the pole into a handy case closed with a convenient hook and loop fastener.

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