Arch Gate

Arch Gate

There is a reason why the arch is associated with triumph and a show of one's strength and value. Whoever starts his journey in this place will forever have an extraordinary and strong feeling for your brand.

  • + Perfect as an entrance to a restricted area.
  • + The classic arc line harmonizes with the surroundings.
  • + A great exhibition for all event partners, the possibility of individual printing on each of the "patches".
Polygon Gate

Polygon Gate

A well-known and extremely popular gate, thanks to which you will open your brand to new possibilities.
Fully printable advertising gate is an opportunity to show your best side.

  • + Most often used during races and marathons.
  • + Optimal solution when using banners with sponsors.
  • + In the light of this gate, you can hang an additional wall for decoration or a functional wall to impress your recipients even more
Sinus Gate

Sinus Gate

The parameters of this gate have been recalculated so that there is always an absolute victory at the end of the equation. Mild shape and unquestionable effectiveness.

  • + Universal shape enables use in many circumstances
  • + 3 graphic exhibition fields give the opportunity to find a separate space for the sponsor, organizer and partners.
  • + One product = satisfaction of all participants
Rectangle Gate

Rectangle Gate

Classic at its best. How many sports and cultural events have started their success here, on the starting line of the Rectangular Gate? I don't think anyone can count it.

  • + Very large advertising space
  • + Often indicates the focal point of the event. Thanks to it - always noticeable!
  • + Reliable, stable and original partner for each of your events!
Start gate with skids

Start gate with skids

Regardless of the ground, with the skid gate you will enter the event like a king. The stability lvl ultimate is packed in a fabulous design.

  • + Can be used on any surface, including water.
  • + It can be placed indoor without additional protection.
  • + Super stable! You can rely on it under all circumstances.
Gate with 3D elements

Gate with 3D elements

The gateway that feels best in the spotlight. Surprise the participants of the event and emphasize your message to them even more effectively.

  • + Individual design
  • + A gate that suits the needs of the brand and the event
  • + Endless possibilities for adding accessories