Football Town

Silesian Football Association

A sports association whose task is to promote physical culture and sports in Silesia. Football promoter in all age categories, including women. Organizer of numerous competitions, tournaments and football trainings.


Idea kampanii

Fun, sport and integration of the Silesian football family during a picnic organized at the Silesian Stadium.

Creating a football town in the stadium - arena for spreading football and sport through the Family Talent Contest and the "Mom, dad and me" games.


Nasze zadanie

  • Designing and supplying inflatable structures through which the Silesian Football Association can easily achieve set goals, such as: football trainings, popularizing football, initiating the activity of entire families, building a bridge between amateur and professional football, while at the same time highlighting the identification of the SFA.
  • Creating awareness of the role of the SFA in popularizing football and fair play among the participants.

Koncepcja wizualna



Especially for SFA, we have created a VENTO® tent, which served as the competition office during the picnic. Thanks to this, the organizer built a kind of command center that was visible to all participants.



We also offered an additional VENTO® tent especially for the participants of the picnic. Thanks to this, each participant could take shelter from the sun, drink water or relax on comfortable poufs.



We have created a goal for accuracy training, where the youngest participants of the picnic could practice their effectiveness in numerous competitions. Thanks to this, the gate has become an integral part of the competition and the birthplace of many positive emotions.



An important element that can not be overlooked while organizing a recreation zone on the event. That is why we equipped the VENTO® tent with comfortable poufs, a table, a counter and cubes. As a result, a modern and cozy place was created in the open air with a displayed logo of SFA.



To make the whole event more distinctive, we designed an inflatable field where young football players could develop their talents by playing matches full of emotions. It is worth noting that the additional advantage of the field is a large advertising space on which the organizer or sponsors can place their exchangeable logotypes.


Efekty realizacji

Creating a family picnic atmosphere and integrating parents with children through football competitions.

Creating an attractive and functional football town, which fits into the architecture of the stadium.

A coherent image of the Silesian Football Association.

Henryk Kula

Football is the most popular sport in Poland, which is why we strive to develop it in our region paying particular attention to the upbringing and training of children and youth.

JAs the Silesian Football Association, we are happy to use any form of cooperation that allows progress. We especially appreciate innovative solutions that encourage the youngest football players to have fun as well as to improve the quality of the training.

Proposed by the Poltent company combining children's play with the improvement of football skills perfectly passed the exam during the Football Player's Day organized by the Silesian Football Association - Family Picnic in Silesian Stadium.

On the field of the legendary "Witches' Cauldron" presented themselves:

  • 60 teams in the "Mom, dad and me on the field of the Silesian Stadium",
  • nearly 200 Talentiada participants,
  • over 1000 children taking part in games and activities.