Rally Town


First of all, RMF 4RACING Team is created by great people. People who - as they say - "cross the imagination barriers"! This is a team that with its heart and commitment conquers the world of rallies, motoring, events! They are great sportsmen with many successes on their account! Europe's runners-up! Poland’s runners-up! Polish champions in the team classification! And these are just some of many successes!


Idea kampanii

Increasing of the RMF 4RACING Team brand awareness.

Combination of functionality with the WOW! effect - during rallies and other events.


Nasze zadanie

  • Creating a unique, unusual, distinctive, yet functional infrastructure for rallies and events with the help of inflatables.
  • Providing the WOW! effect.
  • Promoting the RMF 4RACING Team brand.

Koncepcja wizualna

This is an important stage that resembles a journey in time, through the dreams and needs of the client. At this stage, we find out how the client imagines his ideal event and in what events he has participated so far.

Based on the conversation, we have created a comprehensive project of a multifunctional inflatable town. The WOW! effect was important here. We wanted to create something really special, something that the world of car rallies has not seen yet. For this purpose, we have used the entire arsenal and we have launched all our powers!



Rallies are not just races. They’re also interesting stories, and RMF 4RACING Team have a lot of them. It is worth to sit back, take care of refreshing drinks and listen to Rafał's unusual tales. Did you know that it was Rafał who brought Adam Małysz to Rallies? On comfortable poufs you can listen for hours!



Important elements of tent equipment. Table and counter fulfil many functions. You can eat meals on them, spread snacks, put a computer, or take notes during an important conversation with a business partner. These are simple and functional tools that are also great advertising carriers.



The super team could not miss an extra driver! A driver from special tasks! Unusual inflatables are like icing on the cake at events. They enliven the atmosphere, personify the company's values or indicate the strongest qualities in the team. If you chase two rabbits you will catch none, especially when it will get behind the wheel...



Its unique design attracted motoring fans. It is a permanent element of every inflatable town. The gate not only opens the space on the event but above all it becomes a "gateway to another world"! All you had to do was approach the RMF 4RACING Team gate and you could get goosebumps all around the back! Do you feel that energy!? Now there is no way out! You have to see what's interesting inside!



This is a tent, which could not be missed in the project. It fulfils many additional tasks in the event town. It has a modern design and a large advertising and utility area. You can park your car under it, put up hostesses that promote the brand and, if necessary, quickly take it with you on tour. VENTO® at the event is always a hit!



You can see everything on it even from a distance! Set next to the tents, it perfectly fills the space of the event town, which gives the impression of well-organized space. The customer could present his logo on it, show the world what he can do! Who said size doesn't matter?



A classic in the outdoors. Wherever it is it proudly exposes the client's brand. For this reason, also in the small RMF 4RACING Team town, it has found a place for itself.



It rises high above the heads of the event participants. At the top, there is the RMF 4RACING Team logo. Perfectly visible to everyone. It resembles a tower under which it is necessary to approach. The inflatable pillar is a victory metaphor!


Efekty realizacji

RMF 4RACING Team achieved image success and became recognizable not only in Poland but also abroad.

The inflatable town has impressed everyone. The fans took pictures that later spread naturally on the Internet.

The inflatable rabbit has become an attraction for the youngest. Thanks to him, the kids got bitten by the rally bug. We can be calm about the future of rallies :)

By deciding to get an inflatable base, the RMF 4RACING Team has become a role model for other rally teams across the continent.

Rafał Płuciennik
Head of the RMF 4RACING Team

We have contact with Poltent products for 11 years. During this time, we tested Poltent equipment in the farthest corners of the world and in all possible weather conditions. We are the most outstanding rally project in Europe. Our rally towns are colourful, unique, safe and comfortable. Together, we also create a lot of new solutions, and we enjoy this cooperation. We are waiting for the next 11 years :-)