Fan Zone


The Blachotrapez company is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing and facade coverings. The origins of the company date back to the '70s. Since 2017, the company is the official partner of the Polish National Football Team, the brand's ambassador is Kamil Glik.


Idea kampanii

Promotion of the latest product in the company's offer: TYSENIA flat roof tile (the task of the brand ambassador). Declaration of the cooperation with PZPN and Kamil Glik.


Nasze zadanie

  • Presenting the cooperation of Blachotrapez with PZPN and Kamil Glik through pneumatic advertising (inflatables) around the stadium.
  • Building brand awareness among football fans gathered at the stadium.

Koncepcja wizualna

At the beginning, we transformed the customer's ideas into 3D projects. The concepts presented graphically allowed the customer to make a choice.

At the next stage, based on the analysis of the client's needs, a number of additional activities were carried out leading to the implementation of the set goals. Finally, a design of an unusual tent corresponding to the element of the company's logo was created. The tent was supposed to attract the attention of fans near the stadium.


  • A special place where Blachotrapez could greet the white-and-red fans during the matches of the Polish national team,
  • A meeting place with such football stars as Kamil Glik, Maciej Żurawski or Tomasz Frankowski,
  • A place where every fan could get an autograph, take a picture with his favorite footballer or to take a penalty kicks with Kamil Glik,
  • A place of games and activities in which the fans could win balls, books, Polish national team albums or other great gadgets,
  • A place where the football stars gave interviews,
  • Live Studio organized with


We put a goal to the tent, to which the fans could shoot the ball. This meant that the stand became not only a strategic place of communication, by standing out against the background of the stadium, but also a place of fun for the youngest.



Near the tent we set a huge inflatable ball, at which many fans could take commemorative photos (images from the logo go to the Internet and spread like a virus on FB and Instagram). The ball with the Blachotrapez logo also proved to be an excellent background in which the football stars could give interviews (video advertisement).



Next, we set up a several meters high screen with the image of Kamil Glik and the logo of Blachotrapez. The screen allowed to display advertising content and present itself from a distance as well. Thanks to which, Blachotrapez was visible to everyone.



As in every stadium, we could not miss Windyman which works perfectly in all conditions.
The whole project was completed by a inflatable 3D logotype.


Efekty realizacji

Thanks to the well-chosen inflatables, Blachotrapez could present itself in several places around the stadium at the same time. (as in the other stadiums - mobile carriers).

The company increased the brand's awareness, and the news about cooperation with PZPN and Kamil Glik spread also on the Internet.

Blachotrapez was visible to over 50,000 fans during the Polish national team match played at the Silesian Stadium.

An interactive project encouraged fans to take pictures with Blachotrapez brand in the background.

Mateusz Małek
Public Relation Manager

Recognition of the Blachotrapez brand is gaining from day to day. This is not only due to the fact that our products are of the best quality, but also because we support the representation of Poland, and the face of our brand is Kamil Glik.

Of course, as it happens in sponsorship, it is no longer enough to be a sponsor, but you have to share it with others. Therefore, cooperation with Poltent has resulted in the development of joint projects, such as a dedicated tent or large-format advertising. Certainly they are the brand image of our company!