17 marca 2020

Sales ninja and healthy lifestyle expert.

During the day a sales master, after work a personal trainer and nutritionist who constantly motivates to overcome your own weaknesses. Charitable activity in a church group, where he plays the role of an English translator, constant personal development, absorbing books on coaching and unflagging energy - this is what makes Tomek our hero! #peoplewithpassion

Mr Balloon: Tomek, in Poltent you are on the front line when it comes to customer contact. What does it takes to be an effective salesman in the advertising industry?

Tomas: I think that charisma and distance to myself and the world are the basics in the event industry. Finally, convincing someone that our balloons are the best in the world requires imagination and finesse! :)

MB: Continuing: what is your favourite product of the company and what product do you like to sell the most? Are these the same things?

T: For me it is a set of favourite products rather than a specific one. The VENTO® SIX tent with 2 chairs, a sofa and a VENTO® counter are my favourites. On the other hand, when it comes to sales, I love unusual, custom-made products, because I know that they make the biggest impression at events, and people can go crazy when they see them.

MB: The funniest situation that has happened to you since the beginning of your work in Poltent is...?

T: One beautiful May day a client called me with the question: "Tom, I have a question - what to do when the helium balloon flies into the sky?". It turned out that at the first helium filling, the balloon was not tied to anything and just... flew away.

MB: According to legend, you are literally the strongest link in Poltent. How did your adventure with bodybuilding and training started seriously?

T: It all started from one evening. I was just finishing my shift and was the last to close the office. As I was getting to the exit, I noticed through the window that some unknown troublemakers were wandering around the company, such urban thugs. Then I realised that in order for Poltent and his employees to be safe, we needed a strong and brave hero ... that's when I got myself started.

MB: If you were to describe the atmosphere at work in Poltent with three adjectives, it would be...?

T: Friendly, dynamic, hardworking.

MB: A job where you can fulfill yourself. A hobby you are proud and famous of. What else is hidden in Tomek? Briefly tell us what else you love to do in life.

T: Apart from working at Poltent, I try to support others in achieving their body goals as a personal trainer. By nature I am a sanguine and extrovert, so my real life passion is simply contact with people.

MB: How long have you been part of the Poltent family? What are the biggest challenges you face in your daily work?

T: I've been working in Poltent for over two years, and my biggest challenge has always been... paperwork. Fortunately, this is the main element of my work, so there is no shortage of opportunities to turn weakness into success.

MB: TYour phone is ringing, an unidentified number is on the display. You pick up and hear:

"Dear landowner, this is Ultra Fantastic Aliens, we call with peaceful intentions. In what you call "next weekend," we are organizing an interplanetary marathon in the Andromeda galaxy. What can you offer us?
T: Hello dear aliens. Your idea sounds fantastic! You will find plenty of solutions that will illuminate the entire galaxy. The inflatable gate around Saturn or inflatables in the shape of the milky way are just the first ideas that came to my mind. Finally, I will ask you a question: do we see each other on the starting line?

MB: Finally - if you had to choose one person from a company that you would arm wrestle with, who would it be and why? Of course, also tell us who would triumph in this duel!

T: I would definitely choose the boss of all bosses, the president of all CEOs Jakub, because only in his muscles I can see the potential to counteract the strength of my arms. Who would win - president or me? Of course, the president! I may be strong, but definitely not stupid ;)

MB: Thank you very much for the interview!

T: Również dziękuję!