10 lutego 2020

The personification of "impossible does not exist"!

The personification of the motto "impossible does not exist". Iwona is a master of special tasks, and these, as is commonly known, always go to the place where the real magic happens - the sewing room. A woman with countless supernatural skills, a perfectionist at work and beyond. When she does not create inflatable works of art, she deals with make-up, celebrating natural beauty. In her free time, she reaches for good literature and loses herself in it to the sounds of her favourite artists. Presenting Iwona Wawrzyczny - the heroine of February!  #peoplewithpassion

Mr Balloon: Iwona, we will jump into the deep water. The most difficult task you faced in Poltent was ...?

Iwona: There are no difficult tasks with good work organization. New and unknown tasks are a great opportunity to develop.

MB: What are the most important features that define a good cutter?

I: Precision, spatial imagination and attention to detail.

MB: The funniest situation that has happened to you since the beginning of your work in Poltent is...?

I: There were quite a lot of such situations, but the one stuck in my memory was the "gate with a waving leg". I will never forget the consternation on the faces of our order pickers, who could not decide on which foot to put "this thing". The picture below will show you a bit the difficulty of the task that they had to face and allow you to empathize with the whole situation.

MB: Your work requires unbelievable focus and surgical precision. Are you also looking for activities of similar difficulty outside of it? Say something about your hobby.

I: I'm interested in make-up, I follow and love makeup novelties. It gives me incredible pleasure when after my make-up my clients say that they feel like stars.

MB: If you were to describe the atmosphere at work in Poltent with three adjectives, it would be...?

I: Cheerful, friendly, warm - working together for so many years, we managed to get to know ourselves to the point where we understand each other without words. We are great at solving problems and together we can face new tasks.

MB: You come to work in the morning and unexpectedly it turns out that your position has changed - you became the CEO. What is your first decision regarding the company?

I: Do you really want to know? (laugh)

MB: Okay, I understand that we will have to get this information out of you on another occasion!

MB: Let's try to describe the atmosphere in Poltent a little differently. If you were to choose a song that will become the company anthem, which one will you choose and why?

I: It's easy: Mrozu and Tomson "Bo jak nie my to kto" Why? Well, who if not the Poltent team... Learned on mistakes, today a legend is being created, you know exactly what we mean, because you want to achieve the perfect state of inflatables.

MB: Your favorite Poltent product is...?

I: Inflatable lawn mower and quads... masterpieces!

PB: Finally, tell us what is your biggest dream you want to realize in life.

I: I would like a bigger table! Or not ... I would like a second larger plotter table. I would also like to go to the Maldives before it sinks. It's hard to choose one, I'm a woman I have a lot of dreams (laughs).

PB: Iwona, thank you for the conversation, and we wish you fulfil everything you mentioned in the last answer!

I: Thank you too.