14 października 2022

Stand out on Christmas!

A special time is coming when the space around us will shine with Christmas light and colour the streets across the country. How to stand out from the crowd during this period? Choose inflatable large-format media.

The Christmas atmosphere is on the streets long before Christmas. This is a special time of the year when the world becomes more friendly and colourful. You can hear carols on the radio, the space shimmers with a thousand colors, and kids are looking for Santa Claus in the windows.

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to distinguish your business by becoming part of the Christmas trend that fascinates everyone around you. But how not to get lost with your message in the crowd of other, festive colors?

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Be one step ahead.

Here, the Poltent team comes to the rescue with their crazy projects that conquer the world of pneumatic advertising.

8-meter Santa Claus? No problem! An inflatable Christmas tree that will shine with a million colours after dark? With the greatest pleasure! At least you don't have to clean up the needles...

Small or large, coloured or illuminated - each carrier will fit your business. We will create a festive brand hero for special tasks for you. Our team of advisers will propose a solution and present visualizations, and you will decide how you want to shine, thus gaining a competitive advantage.

Go motion

Static carriers are not everything, our inflatable Santa Claus can move! Thanks to special technology, your carrier can wave its hand to passers-by - their facial expressions are priceless! We invite you to watch the movie in which our greeter plays the role of a cook. CHECK IT

Quality is our priority

"Fine feathers make fine birds" - many of us met with this statement. Therefore, for the sake of the exquisite image of our customers, we make all inflatables with an emphasis on the highest quality. We never take shortcuts.

There are endless possibilities to implement, which makes it possible to find yourself in absolutely any industry. We are limited only by our imaginations, and ours is really luxuriant. This is evidenced by hundreds of unusual projects that we have made - CHECK IT

Take advantage of free consultations, tell us about your business, and we will find the best solution for you! Our employees will share their knowledge and create dedicated visualizations for you. Let us know you and we will help you shine during the holiday season!

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