02 sierpnia 2022

Mr. Balloon's 4th birthday!

Four years have passed since Mr. Balloon conquered the world of events with us! Time flies indeed. We remember his "birth" as if it was yesterday, and today we see four candles decorating the birthday cake. Mr. Balloon has gone through many fascinating adventures since then. He jumped from a ski jump in Wisla, ran in Runmageddon, participated in rally races on a track in Poznan, joined us at a trade fair, and even met the love of his life – Jessie! We could go on and on, because, as you probably know, we often participate in events of our clients and partners, and - thanks to our flexibility - we can perfectly adapt to almost any industry. So yeah. We cannot complain about boredom and monotony.

But...to the point!


We decided (as we do every year) to surprise our inflatable friend and throw a party to show how important a figure he is in our Poltent team. There was a barbecue, champagne, the traditional birthday sing-along and, of course, a good time combined with integration.


Mr. Balloon is recovering from these tremendous emotions, but he told us to thank you for all the wishes and to tell you that he is bursting with pride to have such wonderful people around him.

We extend our best wishes and hope that you will be with us for as long as possible, Mr. Balloon! May the air never run out of you, because...

well, you got a little carried away at the event. Remember that you can follow Mr. Balloon's adventures on his profile on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. In the meantime, we shall continue conquering the galaxy of aerial advertising, full of unforgettable adventures!