10 sierpnia 2020

Hello Man, our new inflatable.

Each of us knows how important the first impression is. Sometimes, only a few dozen seconds decide how we will be remembered for years.

That is why it is very important that we approach this issue in a conscious and responsible manner. "Clothes make the man" - many of us have heard this statement more than once. Therefore, for the sake of the unblemished image of our customers, we make all inflatables with an emphasis on the highest quality. We never take shortcuts.

Brand Hero for special tasks!

This is what our newest inflatables are like. Hello Man, as the name suggests, is an undeniable specialist in making an astonishing first impression! So if you do not feel very confident in the role of welcoming guests, you can entrust this task to him.

Our Greeter, due to his great image flexibility, will adapt to any industry. He can be a cook inviting guests to the land of amazing taste sensations.
He can be Mr. Ice Cream Cone, who will take your customers to the refreshing world of ice tastes, or Mr. Seal, who with a pleasant gesture will show the direction to the place where you can meet these cute creatures.

It can also be used as a replica of your products.

The possibilities are endless, which gives him the opportunity to find himself in absolutely any industry. Choose the size, shape or lighting of your Greeter and win the hearts of your customers together.

We invite you to watch the movie in which our Greeter plays the role of a cook. Watch the video - click!

Bet on the right move - try our latest pneumatic advertisement.

Regardless of the circumstances, an individual advertising figure created for you will be successful in any situation.
Are you planning a concert or a festival? Are you going to a trade fair or organizing a promotional campaign? Or perhaps on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas you want to give your company a certain atmosphere?

Our Hello Man will be perfect in all of these roles!

Are you interested in the item presented in the article? Contact our sales department by calling +48 32 720 65 23 or by e-mail: kontakt@poltent.pl and create your unique Hello Man today.