20 stycznia 2020

An accountant and a lover of photography.

During the day, the accountant, before which the legal tips and unclear regulations tremble with fear, and the numbers meekly line up. Inspires others with her curiosity and the constant pursuit of knowledge. After work, she starts the car's engine and sinks into its pleasant whir.

The mother of an adult daughter, loves to drive, her DIY talent will embarrass many men with too much confidence, nothing will escape the lens of her camera. She spends her free time away from civilization, surrounded by nature in the shadow of the mountains. Meet Agnieszka, the heroine of our calendar from the series #peoplewithpassion

Mr Balloon: Agnieszka, how long have you been working in Poltent and how do you remember the first months here?

Agnieszka: I started my work in Poltent in March 2014 as an accounting specialist. The company employed less than 20 people at that time. A new job, place and people brings always some fear of whether they will accept you, will I meet my new responsibilities, or simply manage. However, my fears quickly turned out to be unnecessary, because I met very nice and kind people here who helped me to implement new duties.

MB: What do you consider to be the biggest challenge in your work?

A: Keeping up with changing regulations.

MB: The funniest situation that has happened to you since the beginning of your work in Poltent is...?

A: Cocktail explosion: One hot day a friend offered me a strawberry cocktail. I put the bottle with the drink on the container under the desk, and forgot about it. The next morning, entering the office, we found the view of a crime scene. When we realized what had happened, we couldn't stop laughing. The window opposite the desk, the whole wall and the flower standing on the windowsill were decorated with a dried cocktail suspension, which probably under the influence of high temperature began to ferment until finally the cork popped out. We cleaned the office for an hour. Today, at the simple mention of this event, we burst out laughing.

MB: Let's leave the work for a while. Tell me more about your passion and where did it come from?

A: For as long as I can remember, I have always been an occasional photojournalist among my family and friends. Equipped with a camera, I took care of capturing memories and souvenirs of our trips. In photography I am an amateur and I do it for me, I have never educated myself in this field. Once, I took part in one of the photography competitions in Jastrzębie, and two photos sent by me were awarded by the jury - it was my moment in the spotlight. I like photographing nature, which beauty I have always admired. It is a pity that I can not give this pleasure as much time as I would like.

MB: The company's favourite product is...?

A: VENTO® tent - a combination of practicality, universality, shape symmetry, originality and beauty.

MB: Why the inflatable art industry? The result of a lucky accident or a thoughtful strategy on the career path?

A: RRather a lucky accident. In 2012 I had a serious skiing accident and as a result, I broke my right leg femur. The consequence of this was surgery, long rehabilitation, annual L4 and job loss. It is hard to come back to the market after such a break, in addition during a period when it was not easy to find any job. I was able to get an 8-month internship at JSW in the accounting department. At that time there was a crisis - there was a total ban on employment, so at the end of the internship I started to look at job advertisements (I wanted to work in accounting) and so after completing the internship I came to Poltent. Sometimes I think it was supposed to be this way - fate wanted so.

MB: If you were to describe the atmosphere at work in Poltent with three adjectives, would it be...?


Friendly - in Poltent, people are friendly towards each other, they are smiling and positive about life. Relationships are based on mutual respect and companionship. If necessary, everyone can count on the help of others.

Good - a good atmosphere is primarily influenced by positive relationships between employees and between employees and management. Factors such as cooperation, mutual help, lack of unhealthy competition, loyalty or a sense of equal treatment plays a big role. Thanks to this, employees feel that they are part of the community, are more relaxed, willing to appear at work and really like what they do.

Open - open to new people, new ideas and new tasks. Employees freely share their ideas with their superiors, are involved and, above all, identify with the company.

MB: You come to work in the morning and find a genie lamp on your desk (not inflatable). What are your 3 wishes and why?


  1. I want stable and clear legal regulations - thanks to this it will be easier to work as an accountant
  2. I want persistent demand for our products - thanks to which we will all have a job, we will develop and strive for perfectionism, which will strengthen the company on the market
  3. I want to experience a photo trip - photography workshops in Iceland - this is how I would like to spend my dream vacation - active relaxation in the company of people who just like me can see the beauty of nature and from whom I can learn a lot.

PB: You change your profession for a moment. The mission you have to accomplish is to design a custom balloon for the winter meeting of fans of traditional Czech cuisine, which is to be the focal point of the event. Draw a sketch/prototype to send to graphic designers.

AK: (fig. bellow).

MB: For dessert - your favourite Silesian word is...?

A: WICHAJSTER – if we don't know what the tool/thing is called, we can use this word :-)

MB: Thank you very much for the interview!

A: Thank you too.