29 grudnia 2020

A volcano of positive energy!

She comes from Ukraine, but grew up in Poland. Her mind is a mine of creative ideas that carries her away at work. Always smiling graphic designer, who in her free time likes to improve her... computer. Meet Irena, a volcano of positive energy and the December heroine of our calendar #peoplewithpassion.

Mr. Balloon: Hi Irena, I don't know how it happened, but somehow it's December. And that means it's time for another conversation with the hero of the month. Ready?

Irena: Hello Mr. Balloon. Ready and excited (laughs)

MB: Fantastic. How are your preparations for Christmas? Are you the type of neat housewife or do you leave everything to the last minute?

I: It used to be definitely the first type. It took me a long time to learn to delegate responsibilities, but better late than never. Today we share equally with the mother-in-law, she is a master of planning.

MB: And at work? Planning or spontaneity?

I: Definitely put together. I like to have a day planned. Then I know exactly how much time it takes to meet the deadlines. I don't like to put things off until another day.

MB: And how long have you been working in Poltent?

I: About 3 years. I don't know when it flew by.

MB: Graphics is your only occupation?

I: Not really. It is safe to say that I am a graphic designer, but also a planner. In short - I order the production of the visualizations that I create.

MB: So you are the helm, sailor and ship?

I: Not necessarily. Unfortunately, it is not such a simple process. The idea is one thing, the implementation is another. My power ends at the idea stage (laughs).

MB: So teamwork?

I: Absolutely!

MB: Why a graphic designer? Conscious choice or a matter of chance?

I: Conscious choice. I am one of the lucky ones who knew already at the stage of middle school that passion, which is work, is the best possible choice. For me, it was graphics.

MB: Very sensible. And Poltent? Why the choice fell on us?

I: I will treat it as a rhetorical question. (laughs) Before starting work, I did a market analysis. Finding Poltent, I came to the conclusion that it was the most interesting option available at that time, so I decided to try :)

MB: And in private? Work is work, but you also need to find time to relax.

I: Outside of work, I am passionate about computer games.

MB: Which exactly?

I: I don't have a specific favorite, but I am a committed RPG fan. In addition, I am relaxed by "remodeling" computers. Fixing, modifying, stuff like that... (laughs)

MB: Quite unusual hobby for a woman. Where does this passion come from?

I: I watched my boyfriend do it and... I liked it.

MB: So you sometimes steal your computer from him?

I: No, I built my own. Perfect for playing so I don't need to.

MB: These games are probably not only a steppingstone, but also an inspiration in your work?

I: It's true. The games spark the imagination. I take inspiration from them, which I transfer to my projects.

MB: What do you think defines a good graphic designer?

I: Creativity for sure. Lightness of thinking that gives you the ability to create new things even under time pressure. And certainly patience. (laughs) Sometimes clients
have a problem with precisely defining their needs.

MB: Do you remember what was your biggest challenge so far?

I: Hmmm ... I think unusual mattresses for Runmageddon.

MB: Why them?

I: It was just my first completely independent project. So you understand. Apart from the fact that it was an unusual project, I had to deal with it all by myself. This responsibility made it quite a challenge for me at the time.

MB: I understand that the task was successfully completed?

I: That's an understatement. The customer was very pleased. Competitors also so I think we were a complete success!

MB: Do you have any other dreams that you would like to fulfill?

I: I've always wanted to work as a graphic designer, so one of my dreams came true. Another is exploring computer science. I would like to learn to program what I come up with. Oh, such a plan!

MB: So you disagree with the principle that some professions are dedicated only to men.
I: Absolutely. And that's very good!

MB: Thank you for the inspiring conversation and I wish you a Merry Christmas for you and all your family.

I: Thank you, Mr. Balloon!